We offer a free youth worker to each school we partner with and here are some of the ways we support young people in schools:


Our FRESH Christian Unions are a fun and relevant place after school where students enjoy games, actives and media whilst going though a short Bible study. To find out if a particular High School provides this programme please email us at office@wyfc.org


We can support or take lessons in RE and we offer a fresh and real perspective of Christianity that brings a learning to life. We have lots of prepared lessons which fit the current curriculum or can be adapted at request to fir with current learning themes. We can support and lead PSHE style lessons and other areas we support include music, drama, dance and more.


We deliver relevant, challenging and interactive assemblies that are creative and effective, aiding schools with their Collective Worship. Our schools workers offer themed assemblies that can be tailered to the needs of the school – adapted, depending on the school year group and ability of the pupils. Some examples are Christian festivals, drug & alcohol prevention, motivational, stewardship, relationships, healthly lifestyles and many more.


Another way in which we support our local schools is through mentoring some its pupils and we have had huge success in supporting pupils in the past. We can offer group work or individual support to pupils alongside the school’s pastoral team.


Artists & Bands offer a full schools programme, delivering a variety of cross-curricular lessons focusing on the values and lifestyle of Christianity. The lessons, workshops and performances are well structured and are adaptable to the requirements of the school. They are interactive and provide an enjoyable learning experience for young people.